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I am a social creature and I need friends in my life. Since moving to Harrisburg I have struggled at finding friends that understand me, in an otherkin sort of way or even in a spiritual sense. I am not religious, just to make that clear. :) Although I do practice tarot, energy healing, and what might be called witchcraft or magik. Anyway, I would love to share in some of these things, as well as basic friendship with people I can meet in person. Nothing against my online friends, as they have their own place in my life, but I would also love to have more in person friends. As I have been searching around for local friends I have noticed lots of otherkin and furries that live in the area but all of them have the same complaint. "I have a hard time finding like minded friends in the area." This seems to be a common problem in Central PA. So in the effort to reach out, gather folks together, and support the community we have decided that its a good time to put together a weekly potluck.

So next Thursday and every thursday after that there will be "The Other Potluck" where all otherkin, furries, therians, and so on are welcome to join together. Welcome to everyone that is "other" or "other" friendly. It's free, just bring a snack to share with the group. Games, music, and performing will all be welcomed to share with each other each week. Drumming is available and an outside fire (inside in the winter time). There are resident animals and smoking will be outside. Everything else is negotiable.

Basic Information:

What: The Other Potluck
Where: Faehaven at 23rd & Derry St. area - Harrisburg, PA
When: Thursday nights 7pm
Who: Everyone that identifies as otherkin, furrie, therian, or is friendly with them
How: RSVP via email to strive4balance at g mail dot com asking for the address and letting us know your coming or interested in coming.
Bring: Food/Snack to share, games, instruments
Be aware: We have furry animals in the home so if you need allergy medication, take it/bring it

If this grows, we can meet at other places, have larger events, have themed nights, and any other ideas we can come up with.

Please share this post, especially if you know people in the Central PA area.


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