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strive4balance ([personal profile] strive4balance) wrote2012-06-09 08:56 pm

Faery Gardening

When I arrived in the yard I found flowers with no faeries - plots exploding with homeless faeries - I could smell and see the damage the chemicals had done. As I worked my hands through the soil I could feel the poison burn my skin. Only the strongest of fae remained, hiding throughout the "garden' within the aggressive species through the yard. These vines bore small red berries that were often ignored by most humans.

I agreed to live in the house as both a favor for the drunken Dragon and for my own desperate reasons... The house screamed at me from within to clean the hoard. Release the hord it was crowding her beauty. It took years and I had to release the hord a little at a time, the drunken Dragon had abandoned some items. As the Hord released and the Dragon cleaned - we promised to keep only the most precious items in the hord for the Dragon in exchange for the use of the rest of the house and garden. The Dragon agreed and our lives began in Faehaven. In the past 3 years I have been cleaning, cleansing the poisons, moving in creatures to help, balancing the environment.... .finally the earth was clean and ready for the fae.

I sat among the aggressive faeries and knew they were only taking up empty space and began to move them to more habital areas. As I took that space and began to create homes. Homes for faeries inside flowers and among forests of them. Among vegetables and herbs - they have began to move in. I have readied their space among the hidden "Recycled Garden" and made a sanctuary for all types of fae.

As I placed the first handmade recycled home among the tiger lilies and the Kniphofia Uvaria - the Lily Faerie did her dance for me. She danced around and flapped her wings and showed me just how much she appreciated the offering. She knew I had done no harm to the earth in my offering and she seemed to thank me in a way that I had forgotten these past 6 years. When the faeries really appreciate what you have done, when you have come from a really good place, and have worked hard at saving their mother they show themselves in a way that no other will ever see. They dance for you and kiss you.....and you simply must come back for another kiss.