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strive4balance ([personal profile] strive4balance) wrote2012-05-07 02:53 pm

The Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm - PA

An androgynous dryad - A rainbow elf - a baby unicorn - and a pixie dog load into the love powered wagon that took them directly to the Fairie Festival @ Spoutwood Farm. As they arrived and loaded up the travel gear on their back for a journey deep into the realm of fairie they watched as other fairie's gathered their families, friends, and companions for the same journey. They were all crossing into the fairie realm at Spoutwood Farm. Protected by the organically worked land only the fairie and other creatures of the realm were aloud. Only the friendliest of humans were welcomed in. As they walked through the land that is organically loved they could see the humans at the edge - the ones that are afraid. They continued the journey with a huge pack on the smiling elf's back, the dryad leading, and the pixie and unicorn skittering along. Many interesting treasures and creatures are passed along the way but until you cross into the realm it is only an illusion. Once you cross the bridge over the magical creek the illusion becomes a reality. The child fairies run along as if they finally made it home and they flitter about in the freedom of home.

The dryad, elf, unicorn, and the pixie - an unusual family- have arrived and begin to follow along the path through all the "shiny" things. The first quest has began - the elf needed a hat. The search began and many of the merchants were visited and the creatures of the land made themselves all visible. Showing their wings and flittering about as if they were in a realm that was an old home. Finally the elf ducks into a tent and leaves the rest of the family to wait in the blistering sun. The family awaits with a hope that the quest has been completed....the elf reappears to show off her most appropriate hat in just the right color - a perfect fit.

The new quest for water, shade and rest has made itself clear and the family continues through the realm. The heat is blistering down on them, mouths parched, and skin feels exposed to the sun. Finally the dryad leads them off to a perfect spot to obtain a refreshing drink, a sustainable meal, and a quiet corner.

The family takes a rest from their quests in the shade, sharing all they have with each other. After intimate restful moments are shared the family feels refreshed and able to continue their journey to the long awaited drum circle that was about to begin. Luckily the dryad had landed the family just a little flitter away from the destiny. A place was set and the family set out to play with the fairies. The elf climbed onto the wooden platform with the unicorn where they joined the playful jam session. The elf banged on her drum with her passion and spirit pouring out from her hands. The dryad and the pixie flittered about among the rest of the creatures dancing to the sounds from the jam session. The wild inclusive organic peaceful play session was in full tilt when all sorts of toys appeared from the bags of the creatures of the realm. Hoola Hoops, colorful Fanning Fans, flag dancing, and other instruments showed themselves during the session. Everyone smiled knowingly at each other. Cheers and smiles was contagious and everyone around celebrated the fun in the realm.

All great celebrations must end or they wouldn't be special... and so this one also had to come to an end. The family packed up their travel gear and slowly meandered back out of the realm. They had their own camp back at another hidden less known realm at the Codorus State Park where they had left many of the comforts from Faehaven at. Their home away from Faehaven was comfortable, simple, and refreshing so that the next day they could re-invent themselves for Day 2 at The Fairie Festival @ Spoutwood Farm -

Part two and photos will be posted later.

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