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From beneath Lilac

beneath lilac

Breathe In. Breathe Out. From beneath the tree sits a being looking up at the branches, feeling the breeze, smelling the air, just sitting. As the sun pokes through the freshly sprung leaves the being takes in the beauty from beneath a tree. The underneath of the leaves seem to be vulnerable and open. If I was thirsty I would simply turn this side up to get any moisture from the air. If I need less sunshine I will limp over and protect this vulnerable skin. My flowers blooming to show the world world around me to wake up. Telling everyone that we must awaken, its spring.

I am stretching my branches out in a haven, stretching my branches. I can feel the sunshine on me, it tells me to awaken. Awaken to life. Live it, stetching your branches, showing your flowers, hiding your vulnerabilities for only those special occasions and taking only what is needed.

My center is attached, I have not moved. I am still the same just layers are added as each year passes. Each layer tells a story about me, my environment, and what I have experienced. Good and bad will show through but that is what makes me so beautiful, without it i would just be a sapling. My thickness and experiences make me strong with spots of weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses are homes for others to live, others to explore and thrive with their own lives. Some weaknesses are simply broken and just need to be pruned. Every marking on me is how the world has marked me up. How the human world has come into contact with me.

I reach below, down into the earth to find all of life's supplements, need life juices. Everything I need is here, within the earth. it grows here, it dies here, and is within the soil of the earth. The nutrients naturally occur here, they dwell here, and exist here in harmony with me. This is where it all began and I can feel my roots reaching deep within my mother for all that is needed. Every part of me springs from within her and I can feel her loving me back. I can feel my roots spreading out, taking up the juices, taking in the earth. I breath out what she needs, she breaths what I need. Together we are taking loving care of each other. No one is stronger than the other, we simply all exist within our world as we should. Complimenting each other and bring together what is life. All that is together in harmony is life. Life is living and living is all that is life.
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