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So I have been really wanting to get into writing more often. I need to form habits and work on it, in general. I love how I feel when I write, which is one reason I love the internet so much. I love to create new ideas and in fact the creativity is so fulfilling to me that I long to feel it, but just don't take the time to write. So instead of eating something, buying something, or fucking something I am going to write something. Maybe I might find another outlet for the crap I picked up in the real world. ;\ So what that means is that I am breaking an old habit...which means it will take me a while and I will likely fuck it up numerous times. Eventually though maybe I can begin writing a little each day. Even if I just write a paragraph a day - that's more than I do now. Let's see where this leads me. I want to do more creative writing - and less of the "reality" type blogging I have already worked on. I think I just get where I want to make things up just to make the blogs more interesting but I can't because I like the sort of "log" of my life. Instead let's see if I can't express my self around here in a creative way rather than so fucking serious!! LMFAO!

I feel like a tree most of the time, not that I am stuck because I am always growing. But instead its hard to get out of that very grounded, centered, and rooted world. ;\ If you get that, keep reading...

I want to let go, move, fly, and leave the ground sometimes. At times I do, especially during certain activities. Drugs and Alcohol are not a good choice, my body isn't crazy about them. Food only works in amounts that hurt my body. Buying something to relieve stress sucks and doesn't help the future. And fucking someone, requires another person... and I have always been so independent. Hence writing is a better choice, but to redirect myself I must practice. As I was not taught to do this as a child, I was taught to do the other less healthy activities. So here I am hurting my fingers to express myself in a way that might relieve some of my stress.

So anyway... it seems that this blog will be totally me, but you will never know what is simply in my head and what is in this reality. Hopefully you don't care and instead care to see what is everywhere, regardless of what reality it is in or not in. Maybe its a reality within all realities. ;\

We will see if I can be creative tonight...
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